O-PTIR: Solving two of the biggest problems in IR spectroscopy

Achieving sub-micron IR spectroscopy using a non-contact optical technique

Curtis MarcottCurtis Marcott, PhD
Senior Partner
Light Light Solutions
Eoghan Dillon, PhD
Worldwide Applications Manager
Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp
“mIRage overcomes the two biggest problems in FTIR spectroscopy, resolution and sample preparation”
Two of the biggest problems in IR spectroscopy are poor spatial resolution, and sample preparation requirements to avoid traditional ATR contact-related limitations. Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp is overcoming both of these limitations with a breakthrough technology based on optical photothermal IR spectroscopy (O-PTIR). This webinar discusses O-PTIR and its major benefits in the field of IR spectroscopy, including:
  • Sub-micron spatial resolution
  • Transmission FTIR quality spectra in reflection mode on thick samples
  • Non-contact optical technique with none of the limitations of ATR
  • Spatial resolution and sample preparation advantages found in Raman technology, with IR sensitivity
  • Works on any sample prepared for IR or Raman spectroscopy