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Sub-500nm, widefield IR (O-PTIR) chemical and simultaneous fluorescence imaging

Dr. Craig Prater
Chief Technology Officer
Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp

Dr. Mustafa Kansiz
Director of Product Management
Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp

Autofluorescence is your new best friend!

Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp (PSC) is pleased to announce the launch of its NEW Widefield O-PTIR Chemical Imaging system.

Widefield O-PTIR™ is a new sub-micron IR, high-speed widefield IR chemical imaging mode, with simultaneous fluorescence imaging, for the measurement of a wide range of labelled and autofluorescent biological samples.

It is powered by a patented technique – Fluorescence Detection Photothermal Infrared (FL-PTIR).

Please join Dr Craig Prater, CTO of PSC and Widefield O-PTIR co-inventor, to learn more about Widefield O-PTIR Chemical Imaging and the base technology of O-PTIR.

Webinar Highlights

  • Introduction to the new breakthrough technique of sub-500nm Widefield O-PTIR and simultaneous fluorescence imaging with various life science applications, from tissues, plants and microorganisms
  • Learn how IR chemical images can be collected in seconds, with full hyperspectral images in minutes with 130nm pixel resolution across 262,144 (512×512) pixels
  • Overview of submicron O-PTIR and simultaneous Raman with co-located fluorescence imaging
  • Comparisons and advantages over current traditional FTIR and Raman microscopy techniques
  • A review of applications, drawing on a variety of recent high impact publication examples

The webinar will be recorded for later on-demand viewing with opportunities to ask questions during and after the webinar.

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