Multilayer film
A block face of a multilayer polymer film sample with seven layers. HYPERspectra images of 20 x 85 μm size were taken at a rate of 1 sec/spectrasize, with 1 μm spacing. The spectra shows the corresponding spectra and images of absorption of carbonyl, amide II, and CH stretching bands of the film components, respectively. The blue boxes in the spectra compose the locations of the line array displayed on the middle. Data courtesy of G. Meyers, M. Rickard Dow Chemical Company
Polymer film defect identification
Left: Optical image of defect in a 240 µm thick two layer film. Markers on image represent the location of subsequent mirage measurements. Middle (bottom): Mirage IR spectra collected in defect free region of sample. This spectrum displayed the peaks indicative of Isotactic polypropylene (998   cm-1). Middle(top): Mirage IR spectra collected from the defect region. The data suggests that the isotactic polypropylene bands are not as evident and consistent in this region, suggesting a loss of crystallinity

Read our note on the application of O-PTIR to multilayer films here.

Life Science

Mouse bone mineral concentration
A. HYPERspectral array location of mouse bone. HYPERspectral images and taken at B. 1047 cm-1 and C. 1660 cm-1 showing mineral and protein distribution, respectively. D. Corresponding spectra taken from the inner bone, showing a higher absorption for phosphate. Data courtesy of Prof. Nancy Pleshko, Dr. Mugdha Padalkar, and Jessica M. Falcon, Temple University

Pharmaceutical and forensics

Drug-polymer blend dispersion
HYPERspectral images and corresponding spectra taken at (a) 1760 cm-1 showing PLGA distribution, and (b) at 1666 cm-1 showing dexamethasone. (c) Optical view of PLGA/dexamethasone blend, with a 40 x 40 μm image selected for simultaneous HYPERspectral measurements.
Excedrine tablet
(a) Optical image of an Excedrin tablet. The markers on the image correspond to the locations where individual spectra were collected with Mirage with sub-um resolution. (b) Unsmoothed IR spectra collected from the various locations within the tablet, showing the distribution of the different components
An optical image a fabric sample, with a marker showing subsequent ~0.5 µm IR spectra acquired by Mirage. A strong absorbance at 1732 cm-1 is indicative of the carbonyl stretch of polyester.
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