The mIRage results in the world

Ferenc Borondics, Ph.D
Principal Beamline Scientist
SOLEIL synchrotron

“Our first user experiment with the mIRage was right after the installation. It was in the field of Alzheimer’s and went so well that the researchers are submitting a manuscript to a high impact journal. I believe that the OPTIR is a disruptive technology to the field of IR Spectroscopy.” 

The world’s first simultaneous IRaman (IR-Raman) microscopy system is a unique dual modality platform that combines all the advantages of O-PTIR with complementary Raman microscopy via simultaneous detection of the visible probe laser.

Agnieszka Banas, Ph.D
Senior Research Fellow
Singapore Synchrotron
Light Source (SSLS)

“We have found that mIRage is truly extraordinary. Within a few weeks of the unit being installed, we have finished measurements for our first paper.” 

O-PTIR enables unique breakthrough applications in the fields of failure analysis, pharmaceuticals, life science and more.

mIRage overcomes the two biggest problems in FTIR spectroscopy, resolution and sample preparation” 

Curtis Marcott, Ph.D
Senior Partner
Light Light Solutions

“This is truly an exciting technology. The quality of the spectral data, at such high level of spatial resolution, is amazing.” 

Professor John Reffner
John Jay College of
Criminal Justice (CUNY)
Pioneer in FTIR microspectroscopy