Virtual conferences attended by Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp

Below are the conferences that will have important talks by Photothermal associates about O-PTIR and Raman

GFSV 2022
May 15-8-20, 2022
Nivelles, Belgium

Photothermal will be presenting a talk

International Conference
on BioMedical Photonics 2022

June 2-4
Palavas-les-Flots, Montpellier, France
Photothermal will be presenting a talk

SPEC 2022
June 19-23
Dublin, Ireland
Submicron O-PTIR and simultaneous Raman microscopy: A new paradigm in vibrational spectroscopy
Dr. Mustafa Kansiz
Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp

An exploration of OPTIR and concomitant Raman for single cell analysis
Prof Peter Gardner
The University of Manchester
Manchester, England

Simultaneous Raman and submicron infrared spectroscopy: A novel combination for studying bacterial samples at the single cell level
Dr. Cassio Lima
University of Liverpool
Liverpool, England

Optical photothermal infrared spectroscopic applications for microplastic, cell and tissue studies: Comparison with FTIR and Raman spectroscopy
Dr. Christoph Krafft
Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology
Jena, Germany

ICORS 2022
August 14-19
Long Beach, California
ECSBM 2020
August 29-September 1
Reims, France


Photothermal will be presenting a talk

SCIX 2022
October 2-7
Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
WIRMS 2022
6-9 October, 2022
Hiroshima, Japan
baby bottle nipple microplastics
Neuroscience 2022
November 12-16
San Diego, California