SANTA BARBARA, CA — Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp (PSC), a leading innovator in the field of sub-micron IR and multi-modal imaging technology, is proud to unveil its latest product solution – featurefindIR™. This cutting-edge automation solution marks a significant development for the rapid spectroscopic measurement of sub-micron to millimeter sized microplastics, contaminants, or other particles in a single measurement session.
“featurefindIR is a significant new automation capability that offers rapid, automated detection, spectroscopic measurement, and chemical identification of particles,” says Dr. Mustafa Kansiz, Director of Product Management. “It significantly enhances measurement productivity, making it ideal for microplastics, organic defect contamination, pharmaceutical particles and contaminants, population level cell analysis, and many other sample types.”
Rapid, productive, O-PTIR spectroscopic measurements are achieved through featurefindIR’s ability to utilize various image inputs for precise particle detection. These include single IR wavelength images, cross-polarized brightfield images for improved contrast of smaller features, and fluorescence images. Once the image is captured, featurefindIR’s tools allow for precise particle selection based on size, image intensity, and other user selections, whilst also reporting on key particle dimension metrics
featurefindIR’s micro-Chemical ID report takes particle analysis a step further by automatically comparing 100’s of user-selected spectra against an O-PTIR reference database. It reports a hit quality index (HQI) for each spectrum and can provide the best chemical ID match for each spectrum, providing a tabulated result. Spectral export to commercial IR databases is also available.
Dr. Kansiz continues, “We are continually finding new applications as we work with customers in their fields of research. featurefindIR can also supports the mIRage systems unique simultaneous IR+Raman measurement capability for even higher measurement productivity.”
PSC’s featurefindIR is set to reshape the field of sub-micron IR spectroscopy in efficiently detecting, measuring, and identifying small particles across various application segments.
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featurefindIR process flow

mIRage-LS sub-micron IR multimodal microscope

About Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp

Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp (PSC) has pioneered the breakthrough technique of Optical Photothermal Infrared (O-PTIR) technology that eliminates key limitations of traditional IR Spectroscopy providing submicron IR chemical resolution with transmission-like FTIR quality spectra. The mIRage-R uniquely provides simultaneous O-PTIR and Raman spectroscopy from the exact same spot, at the same time, with the same submicron spatial resolution. The mIRage-LS uniquely provides co-located O-PTIR and Fluorescence microscopy with sub-500nm resolution for bio-molecular studies. PSC’s vision is to enable the power of sub-micron IR spectroscopy to be applied to high value problems in Life science, materials science, and industry via the adoption of O-PTIR.

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